We are team of people united by Desing and Excellence Workmanship


        • from the desk of Abdul Hameed Shaikh - Managing Director 


        I note with great pride and pleasure that the Shelter Construction Company  has attained impressive and sustained         growth over the past decade. On behalf of the company I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our         Partners, Business Allies and Customers who have shown full confidence in us. It is this confidence bestowed on us by         our friends that empowers and inspires us in every step of our operation.

        The impressive growth that the Group attained in areas such as, Infrastructure and Constructions, indeed enforce us to         go in for further expansion all over INDIA.


        Our focus, when we started, was set in the areas mentioned above.  Today, it is paying off, in many respects. As the         economy is poised to grow in certain specific sectors, as mentioned above, would open new opportunities for companies         and probable investors from around the Globe.

        At this point, Shelter Construction Company  with its experience and knowledge of the local and regional market is         the appropriate partner for those who plan for doing business in INDIA. We invite you to visit our websites and learn         more about our ventures.

        We have received tremendous support and encouragement from the Government side and the Royal houses. A highly         helpful officialdom and business friendly regulatory environment worked in our favor.

        Further, I would like to put on record, my profound appreciation to the staff at all levels who have contributed to the         success through their hard work, sincere efforts and dedication.


                                                                                                                                                Managing Director




        • from the desk of Aaliya Shaikh - Director Administration


        Shelter Construction Company  is moving in the direction, as we envisaged, when we began our journey several         years back, towards building a highly professional corporate house, helping facilitate investment, joint ventures and FDI         .Today, we work with globally well known corporate entities. Over the years we could successfully facilitate investment in         Innovative-Business-Ventures (IBV) into several areas such as infrastructure, Hotels, Production etc.


        Shelter Construction Company  has opened the door for the Small Investors to Own the Land and  Built their Dream         Houses with their convenience in Natures crest.


        We are always open to innovation and creativity.


        Shelter Construction Company   always welcomes new ideas.
        From mega projects  just like construction sectors, we have now moved our focus to Green Technology Sectors (GTS).         Our initiatives in environmental services is indeed a pioneering step, targeted at building eco-enterprises that are         environmental friendly and sustainable. We are also committed to contribute in transforming and making Mumbai as a         major Developed & outsourcing hub of INDIA.


        AIM :- To bring Corporate entities, Small and Medium Enterprises, Consulting Firms as well as individual consultants and         Small Investors under One Roof i.e  SCC

        We look forward to working with you.
                                                                                                                                         Director Administration




        • from the desk of Hanif Shaikh – Director, Team Management


        At, Shelter Construction Company   our most important value is INTEGRITY. We are dedicated towards our         commitment.


        We believe our reputation as an organization, is our most valuable asset, And we put our Hard-work to improve the value         of our reputation. We are on our Foot for all the Feedbacks we get.


        Shelter Construction Company is a company, growing in an entrepreneurial atmosphere.  This means that we work         hard, we value thrift and modesty, and we are keenly focused on our Projects and our Associates.


        We see Our Projects and Commitments in the essence of TIME.

        Maintaining the Balance of TEAM on TIME is the Secret of OUR Success.
                                                                                                                                  Director Team Management


        Our Dedicated Team:


•  Azam Shaikh       -    Director Accounts

  Abdul Shaikh      -    Director Site Management

  Rajesh Baniya     -    Creative Head 

•  Zakir Qureshi       -    Director